Tourism in Croatia

Tourism in Croatia

Tourism in Croatia is a major industry, making up almost 20% of the country’s gross domestic product. There are a lot of different things you can do while you’re in the country. You can visit natural attractions, go hiking or go adventure sports. There are also many different types of accommodation. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be glad you did.

Natural attractions

Croatia is a European country located at the crossroads between Southeast and Central Europe. Its coastline is along the Adriatic Sea. Its pristine beaches, forests, and other natural attractions are perfect for a relaxing vacation. You’ll want to make sure to take some time to explore these natural treasures, as well as its numerous historic towns.

The Dinaric Alps are just one of Croatia’s many natural attractions. You’ll also find turquoise waterfalls and rocky landscapes in its national parks. If you like to explore the wilderness, try hiking through the untamed areas in Biokovo Nature Park. The park is home to unique wildlife and many hiking trails.


Croatia is home to some of the world’s best beaches, but there are also plenty of alternatives for those on a tighter budget. Makarska is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia and the area offers magnificent hotels, villas and apartments. The town also offers several excursions including to Krka and Sibenik, as well as Split. You can also enjoy a dreamlike villa right on the beach at Luxury Rooms Paradise Garden.

Bacvice beach is renowned for its local culture. It’s a popular summer destination amongst Split residents, who often spend their summers here. There are plenty of cafes and shops, and a charming art-deco pavilion overlooks the bay. You can also watch hundreds of picigin players play their instruments on the beach. While you won’t find the seclusion of a desert island here, Bacvice has its own special charm.


Hiking in Croatia is a fantastic way to enjoy the country’s beauty. From soaring peaks to tranquil beaches, hiking in Croatia is sure to delight you. The highest peak in Croatia, Vidova Gora, boasts panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea and a picnic table on its summit. Hikers can begin the hike from the picturesque town of Bol, where you’ll find dozens of hotels and apartments.

For a different kind of hiking experience, head to the Medvednica Nature Park, located north of Zagreb. The nature park is more secluded than other hiking trails in Croatia, but offers beautiful views and a chance to chat with locals.

Adventure sports

If you’re interested in trying out some adventure sports, Croatia has a lot to offer. For instance, bungee jumping is an everyday part of Croatian tourism. You can jump from the Sibenik Bridge and have a thrilling experience of freefalling from more than eight hundred meters. Another popular sport is canyoning. You can enjoy a thrilling journey through canyons with gushing streams and waterfalls.

For the more adventurous, Croatia is also home to many national parks, spanning the land between the sea and the mountains. This allows you to experience wildlife, uninhabited islands, and disappearing lakes up close. Croatia has managed to preserve these natural treasures without compromising on its agricultural prowess. The country has developed a reputation for adventure tourism that is closely related to the environment.

Medical tourism

Croatia has an excellent opportunity to become one of the most attractive destinations for medical tourism in the world. Its location and medical facilities offer a variety of treatments and procedures that benefit patients and contribute to the well-being of Croatia’s citizens. However, the country still faces several challenges, which must be overcome in order to maximize its potential for health tourism.

First, Croatia is a relatively newcomer to the medical tourism scene. Despite this, it is committed to providing quality healthcare services to foreign patients. For this reason, it signed an agreement with the Canadian Society for International Health, an organization that monitors the quality of healthcare in the country.

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