Dryer Repair Basics


A trained technician can diagnose and repair most common problems with dryers. Depending on the problem, a technician may be able to repair or replace the broken part. Whether a repair is necessary depends on the age and condition of the appliance. If the appliance is under warranty, it may not be possible to Dryer Repair it.

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The heating element, timer, or temperature sensor may be faulty. To diagnose this problem, you may need to use a voltage meter to measure the voltage. In some cases, you may need to replace a thermal fuse. Also, if your dryer is making a clanging noise, you should check the inside for obstructions.

First, remove the top panel of the dryer. This will allow you to access the start switch, temperature selector, and circuit diagram. The front and rear panels of the dryer are held together with a series of screws. You can also remove the front panel by unscrewing the screws around the panel edges. You can also remove the front panel of the dryer and access the drum.

When your dryer stops drying your clothes in a reasonable amount of time, chances are that there is a problem with the heater element. You should clean the air vents to prevent fire. Also, you should check the heating element and other components.

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