Nitrous Dispenser

If you are in search of a nitrous dispenser, there are several options available on the market. One of these dispensers is called a whippet, and has a narrow end. When this sharp flag is pierced by a cracker, a small stream of nitrous oxide will release.

Teens, whipped cream and nitrous oxide: Should parents worry about whippets?

This type of dispenser is not illegal. In fact, it is a common ingredient in commercial kitchens. Mostly, nitrous oxide is used to whip cream. However, in recent years, nitrous oxide has become an increasingly popular party drug, and is often dispensed into balloons. It is popular with young people because of its lack of after-effect and smell. Users often feel totally sober within a few minutes. Others report experiencing a 30-second high and visual hallucinations.

The dispenser uses a nitrous oxide cartridge that is rechargeable. The nitrous oxide cartridge contains a high-pressure gas, and it is essential to have refill cartridges for your dispenser. The refill cartridges are expensive, but they are cheaper if you buy them in bulk. Another advantage of refill cartridges is that they are recyclable after use, which saves money and the environment.

Before using your dispenser, shake it thoroughly. This will ensure that the gaseous content is evenly distributed. Moreover, you should also check the contents for lumps, seeds, pips, or bits. These may block the dispenser nozzle.

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