Furnace Repair Calgary – How to Keep Your Furnace in Top Condition

Whether you have an old furnace or a new one, you will need a furnace repair service to keep it in tip top condition. A broken furnace can be an unpleasant experience during the colder months of the year. The best option is to hire a professional with years of experience to handle your furnace repairs.

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If your Furnace repair Calgary doesn’t start up when you turn it on, you may have a problem with your ignition. An ignition failure can occur on just about any furnace model. A heating and cooling company will be able to replace your ignitor and get your system running again.

A furnace filter keeps the air clean and pollutants out of your home. It should be changed every few months or so.

You should also have your furnace cleaned at least once a year. This will improve airflow and reduce housekeeping costs.

You should also check your thermostat. If it isn’t working properly, your furnace might be wasting energy or tripping your circuit breaker. You can easily remedy this by turning your thermostat up five to ten degrees higher than the room temperature.

Another good idea is to have your ductwork cleaned. Dirt and dust in your heating ducts can restrict the amount of heat your furnace produces. To test the airflow, place your hand in front of a vent and see how much hot air you are able to blow.

For all your furnace maintenance needs, there is no better company to call than JPS Furnace & Air Conditioning. They offer service on all brands of furnaces and have unbeatable warranties.

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