The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Wooden Floor Installer

wooden floor installers

Wooden floor installers are seen as a luxury addition to any home and are known to add value. Unlike tile flooring, they are resistant to stains, impact damage, and can easily be refinished if the color needs to be changed. However, they do have a tendency to be expensive. When deciding on whether or not to invest in wooden flooring, homeowners should weight the pros and cons carefully.

A professional hardwood floor installer will put their years of experience into the job, which can speed up the installation timeline significantly compared to an amateur. This is because a seasoned flooring professional will know how to overcome obstacles that may arise during the process. This includes things like acclimation to the local climate, where wood can swell or shrink depending on moisture levels.

Wooden Floor Installers: Choosing the Right Professionals for a Flawless Finish

The first step to installing hardwood is letting the flooring acclimate to the space. This should be done for three to five days before the actual installation process starts. The installer will then remove any molding or trim that is installed around the space. They will also need to prep the subfloor and lay down a layer of underlayment. Then they can start installing the wood planks, which usually involves gluing and nailing.

Solid hardwood is available both unfinished and prefinished. The difference is that with unfinished wood, the finish is applied on-site after the installation is complete. With prefinished wood, the finish is already applied at the factory.

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