Why Disc Workshops Are So Valuable

People are the heartbeat of every business, from employees to customers. Understanding each other’s personalities and preferences leads to greater effectiveness, a more collaborative work environment, and better relationships all around. That’s why disc workshops are so valuable, as they help participants recognize each other’s behavioral styles.

What is the objective of the DiSC workshop?

By learning the four DISC styles—Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C)—training attendees can improve their self awareness, become more flexible communicators, and understand why they sometimes have difficulty working with different personalities. It’s also a great way to increase understanding in committee settings where everyone might not be fully on board with an idea. When an individual’s DISC style is understood, the team members can take steps to address any personality obstacles or concerns, and move forward with the plan.

A DISC workshop is a great way to provide training and development to the staff in your company, whether you need to train new managers or enhance your existing leadership programs. You can offer a DISC profile workshop either onsite at your workplace or online to support the learning needs of your teams.

The Everything DISC profile team training offers a fun and engaging half-day (4 hour) session that can be delivered on your premises or at an offsite location. It includes pre-work assessments, supplemental team-building materials and expert facilitation to create an engaging and interactive learning experience for all of your associates. This highly effective team development training is suitable for groups of 5 or more associates.

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