First Home Buyer Conveyancing

However, the process of completing your purchase isn’t without its challenges. From legal regulations to the complexity of paperwork, you may need help navigating real estate transactions. A conveyancer Melbourne can assist you in overcoming these challenges. They can help you prepare contracts and ensure that your settlement is on time. They can also help you determine what extra fees and charges you will need to pay for the property.Resource:

Can you cancel conveyancing?

The first home buyers grant is available for new construction or purchasing established homes valued at $750,000 or less. It’s important to note that this payment is only valid if you are buying the property as your primary residence. In addition, you must meet other eligibility criteria to qualify. Our qualified property lawyers can prepare your contract of sale and section 32 (vendor statement) as well as advise you on whether or not the first home owners grant is applicable to your purchase.

A cooling off period is an interval of time in the property conveyancing and settlement process during which you can cancel the contract. Cooling-off periods vary by state, but in Victoria, they are usually three days. In case you decide to cancel the contract, you will need to pay a penalty fee.

A property settlement is the final step in the property transaction that transfers ownership of the property from one party to another. It involves both parties, the vendor and purchaser, as well as their respective conveyancers and mortgagees. This process typically takes 30 to 90 days.

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