Replacement Blades For Meat Slicers

The replacement blades for meat slicers is one of the most important parts because it cuts through food and determines how thin or thick the slices are. The best meat slicer blade should be made from a hard material to prevent contamination and rusting from contact with acidic foods. It should also be a type that will last through regular use and require minimal maintenance. For example, a stainless steel blade is more durable and will not need to be sharpened frequently, whereas a carbon blade tends to react with acids and could be ruined by frequent use.

What size blade is best for meat slicer?

The KitchenWare Station MS-10NS is a high-quality and affordable meat slicer that has a strong motor and a convenient thickness control knob. It can cut different types of meat, vegetables and cheeses into precision slices up to 0.7 inches in thickness. Its stainless steel construction and aluminum alloy body make this a sturdy and long-lasting meat slicer.

It’s also easy to clean up, with a convenient removable blade and tray. The adjustable thickness feature and extended tray mean you can accommodate a moderate amount of food at a time, while the non-slip suction cup feet and safety switch ensure stability during operation.

With its razor-sharp 7.5″ stainless steel blade, this slicer is perfect for slicing up meats, cheese, veggies and even ham to perfection. The blade is very durable and comes out of the box sharp, although it can be a little difficult to remove from the assembly for cleaning. A double illuminated ON/OFF switch with 24V helps avoid power shock, and the tilted carriage holds the food at a natural angle for safer slicing that’s easier to see.

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