Dispensary Near Union Station Denver CO

For Norvelle White, the end of his day at dispensary near Union Station, Denver, CO meant a walk past security guards who told him to leave. The man who hasn’t had a permanent home since losing his job three years ago didn’t mind the request, which was accompanied by transit cops and others who sweep people out of outdoor spaces during COVID lockdowns.

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But that doesn’t mean he won’t be back. “It’s a safe place to sleep for now,” he said. It’s not as crowded as the Civic Center park where he spent time during the pandemic, and he can get in and out of the building with ease, unlike when he was at other indoor locations.

Dispensary near Union Station

Located at the south end of the station, this family-owned shop sells the full gamut of marijuana products, including edibles and pre-rolls from KrystalLeaves and Cuban Crew Colorado, as well as flower, vapes, concentrates and accessories. It also has an extensive selection of its own strains like Black Mamba #1, Con Leche and Gary Payton.

Its marijuana retail license is pending, and the owners say they’re looking into options that will let them legally serve cannabis to patrons who dine or spend money onsite. In the meantime, they’re planning to host cannabis-related classes like paint-and-smoke or sushi-and-spliff-rolling — and a BYOB experience on curated tours that will take in a handful of restaurants within a two-hour window. They’ll call it The Cannabis Experience.

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