Reasons to Use a Temporary Stage

A temporary stage, also known as mobile, de-mountable or portable staging can offer an adaptable and versatile solution to many different events. These types of stages are widely used in schools, theatres and community halls.

One of the main reasons to use a temporary stage is to be able to change the shape or size of your space for an event. A permanent stage can be expensive to change or to modify to suit different uses. This is an area where a good discussion with your users can be helpful to get a better understanding of the types of events that you will be hosting and what type of surface they require.

Flexibility Unleashed: The Advantages of Temporary Stage Solutions

Another important reason to use a temporary stage is if your room has ceiling limitations or soffits that limit how high you can go. Without the flexibility of a temporary staging system you are stuck with a static height for the performance space which limits how you can use the room and may result in your performers or speakers having to crane their necks just to see.

Some facilities also find that moving the temporary stage between practice rooms and their performance space can help their users to become familiar with the platform they will be performing on. Some of our lightweight staging systems have an optional stair unit that can be added to the deck which is ideal for this purpose. These are typically modular box steel frame with hardwearing anti-slip steps in a choice of colours to match the stage deck surface.

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