How to Use Hospitality WiFi to Market Your Hotel

Your guests expect more than just an Internet connection. They want fast, reliable, secure hospitality WiFi that just works, the same way their device does at home. This is one of the most valuable services your hotel can offer. It is also a great opportunity to market your hotel to new and returning customers.

Do WiFi boosters work in hotels?

Unlike your home network, which is likely built from low-cost consumer hardware, hotel networks need enterprise-level networking equipment. This is because there are usually many more devices logged in at once, and hotels can be much larger than your house. Using this type of hardware can ensure a quality wifi for hospitality connection for all your guests, even in the most high-traffic areas.

Make sure your guests know about the proper security measures to take with your hotel’s Wi-Fi. For example, tell them to be careful of logging in to any non-official “hotel” Wi-Fi network. Hackers can create fake networks to lure unsuspecting guests into a phishing trap or give them access to malware-infected websites. It’s important to train your staff to recognize these cyber threats, so they can shut down the fraudulent networks quickly.

Whether you run a boutique hotel or a large chain, your hospitality WiFi is an important part of your brand. Your guests depend on it for the conveniences they enjoy, such as remote check-in and housekeeping alerts. If you’re not satisfied with your current provider, try a new one that offers a complete suite of hospitality WiFi services and can provide you with detailed performance data so you can optimize bandwidth and improve guest experience.

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