How a Parramatta Lawyer Can Help You

A Parramatta Lawyer can help you in a number of areas. Some common issues that our clients experience are Family Law, Criminal Law and Civil Law.

Can I immigrate to Australia as a lawyer?

Our team will always aim to resolve disputes without the need for litigation, as this is often more expensive and stressful. However, if this is not possible, our team can assist with a range of dispute resolution techniques including ongoing negotiations, formal offers of compromise and interlocutory court proceedings.

Parramatta Local Court deals with hearings for bail applications and offences such as possession of a controlled drug, supply, cultivation or manufacture of drugs and stealing (to name a few). The Court is located near Parramatta Central railway station.

If the police arrest you and charge you with a serious criminal offence such as aggravated burglary or serious assault, it may be transferred to Parramatta District Court which will include a jury. This is also located on George Street, Parramatta and is approximately six buildings away from the Local Court.

At trial, the solicitor will hand over the reins to a barrister to argue your case before a judge and a jury of average citizens. The success of the trial will largely depend on how well the solicitor and barrister can persuade the jury that the law favours their client’s position in the case.

Prenuptial agreements are a great way to establish in advance how your finances and property will be divided in the event of a relationship breakdown. Our team can draft or review a comprehensive, legal and financial agreement that reflects your intentions.

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